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Purpose & Scope

The purpose and scope of the FWC is to function as the administrative body of the faculty website while ensuring the faculty website is properly maintained and updated according to the directions of the faculty board and the University of Jaffna. In addition, FWC will liaise with the university web development committee under the supervision of the Dean, Faculty of SPRFPVA.


  • Maintaining and upgrading the faculty web to the highest possible standards.
  • Updating the web contents regularly.
  • Report the monthly updates to the faculty board.
  • Formulate guidelines related to the contents of the web as required.

To whom shall the committee report

The Faculty Board of the Faculty

Procedure of appointing

The Faculty Board will appoint the FWC according to the composition laid down.


  • The Chairperson- the Chairperson shall be selected from the members of the Faculty Board and be
    appointed by the Faculty Board. It is preferable to have sound knowledge in the field of IT and the Web.
  • A representative from the Computer Unit of the UOJ.
  • DR/SAR/AR is a convener and the Ex officio of the Committee.
  •  Instructor /Network-manager/ Programmer cum /System Analyst of the faculty.
  • One staff member from each department of the faculty.
  •  Two Non-academic members of the faculty from the IT field

Selection of members

The committee shall be appointed by the Faculty Board of the faculty.

Duration of the term

  • Two years for all members.
  • The same members can be reappointed for a maximum of a three-year period.


  • The FWC of the Faculty will meet once a month and will be chaired by the Chairperson.
  • The number of meetings per year shall be not less than 10.

Storage of documents

  • All documents related to FWC will be kept with the convener of the FWC.
  • Handing over of these should be done at the end of the term of the convener.

Line of communication

Main committee decisions shall be reported to the Faculty Board.

Contact person

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