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Faculty Curriculum Development Committee (FCDC)

Purpose & Scope

The purpose and the scope of the Faculty Curriculum Development Committee (FCDC) is to ensure that the curriculum of BFA degree programs is upgraded regularly to meet the needs of the stakeholders. The developed curricular will be forwarded to the Faculty Board of the SPRFPVA for its recommendations to the Curriculum Committee, University of Jaffna and approval of
the Senate.


  • Development and revision of curriculum of the faculty.
  • Maintenance of standards or policies regarding the relevant undergraduate degree program.
  • Revision of grading systems, marks allocations of the degree programmes, assessment methods and examination structure appropriately.
  • Receiving comments and observations from appropriate external reviewers.

Reporting Responsibility 

Faculty Board of the Faculty

Procedure of appointment

The Faculty Board will appoint the Chairperson and the Members of the FCDC according to the laid down composition.


  •  Chairperson of FCDC
  • At least one Senior Academic members from each Department of the Faculty and DR/SAR/AR of the
    Faculty (Convener).

Selection of members

The relevant Head of the Department related to the degree programme will nominate members for approval of the Faculty

Duration of the term

Period of 3 years


The number of regular meetings per year will not be less than six.

Storage of documents, transfer of documents after the completion of the term

All documents including the minutes shall be compiled and stored by DR/SAR/AR of the Faculty.


Confirmed minutes shall be circulated to the members of the Faculty Board of the SPRFPVA

Contact Person

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