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Welcome to the Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC – RAFA) of the Ramanathan Academy of Fine Arts, University of Jaffna .

The primary responsibility of IQAU & IQACs is to promote internalization of best practices among the individuals as well within all spheres of governance and management relating to academic administrative system of the university to promote continuous
the quality enhancement.


Quality Principles

The UOJ believes that the following principles should inform its approach to quality assurance:

I. Quality assurance should not detract from or become a substitute for quality,
II.  Quality assurance operates at the University and Faculty and departmental as well as unit/ center levels,
with the responsibilities that this entails (including resolving short-term breakdowns and gathering and using regular
feedback on academic development and planning, study programmes), within a broader context where the senate,
Academic Boards: Faculty Boards and Management Committees, have collective responsibility for
the standard of the UOJ’s academic awards,
III. Quality assurance should be a preliminary to quality enhancement and a greater proportion of energy and resource should be devoted to         the latter,
IV. Good quality internal evidence, including student opinion, external examiner reports and student performance data, should be used to             support quality assurance and enhancement processes,
V.  The findings from quality assurance should be made in such a way as to share different practices and innovations across departments              and   to show students that quality is taken seriously,
VI. Departmental teaching, learning and assessment practices should be subject to review, for example through use if teaching observation,          as a means both of assuring quality, of aiding staff development and of sharing different practice,
VII.The UOJ must be in a position to demonstrate its standards to its students and their stakeholder.


Terms of References of the Coordinating Committee of IQAC

I.   Guide the IQAC in adoption of relevant by- laws prescribed by the University for governance and management of the IQAC,
II.  In liaison with the Curriculum Development Committee, promote adoption of guidelines and benchmarks prescribed/ adopted by the
university in academic development and planning in accordance with guidelines prescribed by the UGC and Ministry of Higher Education
such as Sri Lanka Qualification Framework Manual for level and qualification descriptors, Course Unit System, Unified GPA System,
Outcome- based Education and Student – Centered Learning (OBE- SCL) approach into Curricula development of study programmes              and   courses,blended teaching and learning, and formative and summative assessments, etc.,

III. Guide the IQAC in promoting internalizing quality principles and dimensions prescribed by the UGC – QAAC within the Faculty –
with respect the study programme management, curricular design and development, course design and development, teaching and                   learning,student support and services, assessments, and other allied functions and services,
IV. Guide the IQAC to design and implement regular internal quality reviews,
V. Review the EQA Review (both Institutional and Study Programme Review) & IQA Review reports and adopt action plans based on
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